General Information for Teachers

Are you interested in teaching adults? Do you have a passion or a skill that you'd like to share? Come teach for!

The Forms:

In addition to getting approval to teach from the LivingstonACE Director, you will need to fill out these two forms and turn them into Laura Lamb at the school district's administrative office on 132 South B St. Please call her (222-0861) in advance to confirm that she is there.

Employment Eligibility Verification Form - I9

The first three pages of this form provide information. The fourth page must be filled out in Laura's presence. It requires two forms of identification as described on the fifth page.

Withholding Form - W4

This form can be filled out in advance. Laura only needs the first page.

The Facilities:

Most classes are held at Park High School. Park High School has lots of classrooms, a computer lab, and a gymnasium. However, classes can be held anywhere. Some classes are held in other schools. Some are held outside. Some are held at a teacher's house. The LivingstonACE director will be there on the first class to greet you and your students, to help setup if needed, to collect money from students, and to resolve any issues that might arise. For subsequent classes (when teaching a multi-day class) you are expected to setup and lockup on your own, and to leave the place as you found it.


LivingstonACE needs at least a month to advertise your class. Plan your start dates accordingly.

Days and Times:

Classes can take place anytime. Weekdays or weekends. Morning, afternoon or evening.

Class Sizes:

Teachers, with help from the LivingstonACE director, set the maximum number of students. All classes must have a minimum number of students to run. Typically the number is 4-5 students. It depends upon the teacher's wage and the cost of the class.

The Money:

Teachers are paid $15-$22 per hour depending on education, experience, the length of the class and the number of students enrolled in their class. Teachers must submit a timecard at the end of the class. They are paid on the 10th of the month following their last class. 

Class fees & Student Supplies:

Students typically pay $5 per hour of class, but fees can be higher for small classes. And, of course, fees are higher when we purchase materials in advance for students (e.g. food for cooking classes and clay for pottery classes). In those instances, you are required to plan those expenses before we advertise the class. You are then in charge of purchasing those supplies and keeping receipts so you can get reimbursed.


Your students will be asked to evaluate your class at the end. Constructive feedback will be shared with you.