Coping with Depression

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Post-holiday blues plague many of us, and winter in Montana can make things worse. Learn some self-coping skills to help you lighten the darkness and find your center. This two-hour course will offer hand-outs and hands-on techniques including nutrition therapies, breathing exercises, yoga poses, essential oils, flower essences, qi gong, ear massage, jin shin jyutsu, and acupressure points. A resource list for who to contact when you need help will also be provided. This class is also ideal for those who live with or love someone who is depressed to give you tools to take care of yourself as you take care of them.


Since 1990, Savannah Barnes has been on a path of energy medicine and self-healing. Today she is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, Hatha yoga teacher, and Reiki practitioner. Her studies and experiential practice have included work in oncology clinics, post-surgery rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters, OB-GYN, pediatrics, chronic pain, emotional traumas, multiple sclerosis, and hospice. Her training and practice also include flower essences, essential oils, tuning forks, nutrition, qi gong, and meditation. Savannah has been a resident of Livingston since 2015 and Montana since 1986. Prior to that she lived in Wyoming most of her life. The West is in her blood and in her soul, which finds solace in nature every day.


In addition, Savannah has an MFA in Creative Writing and has contributed to dozens of award-winning water resources education books for kids and teachers as well as numerous articles on topics of every kind. She has taught English at Montana State University and the University of Idaho. When not teaching, writing, and practicing acupuncture and yoga, Savannah is an avid runner, elk hunter, and hot springs devotee. Mostly, though, she likes hanging out with her reservation dog, Sam.

Day and Time
1 Tuesday, 6-8 PM
Jan 15
Minimum Age
Phone: 406-223-1586
Individual participant $ 10.00
Park High School - Library
102 View Vista Dr.
Livingston, MT 59047